Precision Oncology for Breast Cancer Brain Metastasis

The misison of Probmet Therapeutics is to develop targeted treatment options for breast cancer brain metastatic patients through a greater understanding of the disease and an enduring compassion for our patients.
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Our Story

Probmet Therapeutics was established in 2022 in Denmark as a university spin-out from The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and is currently incubated at the BioInnovation Institute in Copenhagen. We are a precision oncology therapeutics company that is developing targeted treatments for breast cancer brain metastatic patients. 

The Clinical Challenge

Every year 1.7 million women were diagnosed with primary breast cancer.
In almost 700,000 people it will spread beyond the breast to other parts of the body including the brain, lungs, liver and bone. There is a lack of effective targeted therapies available to these patients. 

The current management strategy for patients with metastases are incremental changes of existing therapies that were designed for the primary tumour and not specifically for the metastatic tumours. In addition, in many cases the tumours have developed resistance to currently available therapies and therefore a different approach to uncover new therapeutic targets for these patients is needed.

Brain metastases is particularly difficult to treat due to the blood-brain barrier preventing substances being delivered to the central nervous system. 
Lead Technology

Lead Technology

Probmet Therapeutics has developed a peptide mimetic against the neuropeptide LGI1 to target the receptor ADAM22 as a targeted therapeutic and biomarker selection strategy to treat breast cancer brain metastasis. 

Target Identification & Validation

ADAM22 is a unique cancer-specific target that was identified in a longitudinal clinical trial of matched primary and metastatic tumours from breast cancer patients. 
ADAM22 as a target has been validated in human and animal models of breast cancer. Over 70% of primary breast tumours and over 90% of metastatic tumours express druggable levels of ADAM22. 

Drug development and validation

A peptide drug targeting ADAM22 was developed in silico and demonstrated very strong efficacy at reducing tumour cell growth in human and animal models of breast cancer. 

Crucially, the peptide easily crosses the blood-brain barrier allowing for effective treatment of breast cancer brain metastases. 
Meet the team

Meet the team

Probmet Therapeutics is a university spinout company from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and is based in the BioInnovation Institute in Copenhagen. The team consists of dedicated scientists, clinicians and business developers working together to create novel cancer therapeutics.  
Leonie Young | Team Lead
Damir Vareslija | Co-Team Lead
Arnold Hill
Aoife Cannon
Head of Research
Lasse Nørregaard


Probmet Therapeutics is supported by an advisory board of global breast cancer professionals and business developers who bring expert scientific, clinical and business knowledge to the company. 
Patrick Morris 
Consultant Medical Oncologist and Medical Director
Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Geoffrey Greene
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Ben May Department of Cancer Research and The University of Chicago

Carlo Palmieri
Professor of Translational Oncology and Medical Oncologist
The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and University of Liverpool
Sanne Brun Jensen
Business Developer 
BioInnovation Institute

Jens Bukrinski
Elaborate experience in the drug development process including CMC regulatory strategies.
CEO CMC Assist
Søren Ljungberg Pedersen
Consultant medicinal chemistry and peptide drug development
CTO Pephexia
Keld Fosgerau
Experienced C-level drug discovery leader with a track record in delivering peptide projects to the clinic.
CEO Pephexia

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